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Sustainable Light for SMEs

For the third year in row I am project manager of a project helping municipalities with motivating their small and medium sized companies to choose for sustainable light. The goal is to obtain energy savings of up to 70% by replacing and fine-tuning artificial light in office buildings, stores and other business buildings.

The first two years the project took place in Deventer and this year Enschede, Den Bosch, Tiel and Alkmaar. Together with the Klimaatverbond we will bundle all experiences and will produce a concise hand-out for (Dutch) municipalities to start their own project or integrate sustainable light in existing outreach to SMEs.

Key points for SMEs wishing to switch to sustainable light:

  • Choose energy efficient lamps;
  • Effectively place and aim lamp holders, preferable let a reliable professional light designer look at your needs and make a building & function specific energy-savings plan;
  • Incorporate sensors in your light plan (for example for day light, movement);
  • Choose a reliable lamp vendor that lives up to its claims for: lumen, effective life span, light colour and energy efficiency.

This project has been executed by Klimaatverbond and  Partners for Innovation.

Keep the heat inside!

The Klimaatverbond, an association of 150 municipalities in The Netherlands, has started a campaign on keeping the heat inside shops. With other words, they encourage shops to start using a climate friendly door policy.

I have prepared the aid for municipalities that helps them set up a campaign in their own city, for shops to make a profit out of keeping a climate friendly door policy. Especially in winter a lot of energy is wasted on heating shops that have their doors open. This is very demotivating for households who are urged to save as much energy as possible. The aid for municipalities will help the city set up a project to help their shop owners understand the profit of a climate friendly door policy and will help cities reach their climate goals.

See the website for more information (in Dutch). There is also a campaign in Great Britain, their website is: