Future-proof New Sanitation


For the thesis research to obtain my Master of Science in Urban Systems Engineering at Wageningen University, I choose to research future-proof New Sanitation.

tauw_logoIn cooperation with Tauw I studied how a set of sustainability criteria, based on The Natural Step and Cradle to Cradle, could help determine which flexible waste water technologies are most sensible to implement right now in a rural and urban setting. The idea is that using a systems perspective to select the most sustainable and flexible waste water technologies currently available, will facilitate the transition to – still to be developed – fully  sustainable waste water technology in the future.

PuurFair 2016: The national stage for the newest sustainable trends


From jeans made from recovered oceanic plastic to insect burgers, from solar foil in the window to the newest electric transport bicycles: PuurFair shows the latest trends on the field of sustainability. Test drive in an electric car, pimp your old furniture, build an insect hotel or design a vertical garden. Or just enjoy eating and shopping responsibly. For young and old!

Information is an important aspect: PuurFair visitors will discover a day-long, intensive programme of cooking demonstrations, workshops and talks. Both inside and outside Westergasfabriek Amsterdam. Outside you can build, eat, garden, play, bicycle and drive electrically.

This successful second edition was realized by Tjitske Ypma and Jan Paul Reij, with cooperation of Neighbourfood and Westergastfabriek. I functioned as strategic advisor this time.

PuurFair – the first Dutch consumer fair for sustainable trends!

Op zaterdag en zondag 30 en 31 mei 2015 vindt PuurFair plaats in de Expo Haarlemmermeer nabij Schiphol!

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PuurFair is dé consumentenbeurs voor iedereen met actieve interesse in de nieuwste duurzame trends. Van voeding tot wonen, van kleding tot energie: alle thema’s komen aan bod. In de 6.000 m2 grote glazen hal bedekte met zonnepanelen en het 12.000 m2 grote groene buitenterrein is van alles te zien en te doen: lezingen, workshops, proeverijen.

Op uitnodiging van de biologische brancheorganisatie Bionext en beurshaleigenaar Libéma komt het succesvolle Belgische Biolicious naar Nederland. Ondersteund door verscheidende media, tal van partnerorganisaties en een snelgroeiende Facebookpagina wordt PuurFair een sfeervolle en bruisende beurs. Bedrijven kunnen reeds deelnemen aan de beurs vanaf een bedrag van slechts 300 euro én directe verkoop is mogelijk.

Neem contact met mij op als u meer wilt weten, ik ben zowel coördinator van het Lifestyle plein als strategisch adviseur van de initiatiefnemers.

Towards a Circular Economy – Developing profitable business models

The Circular Economy is a system that is restorative, by design and intention. Materials flows are of two types: biological nutrients, designed to re-enter the biosphere safely, and technical nutrients, which are designed to circulate at high quality without entering the biosphere.cyclus-2

As part of the strategy for Europe 2020, the European Commission has chosen
to move towards a resource efficient and circular economic system.

Business opportunity

Circular business models allow industry to develop complete new products and
services that reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improve customer
loyalty. Changing from ownership to performance-based payment models,
offer attractive value propositions. This makes it possible to maintain and
recover the value of products, components and materials at the highest
possible level.

As one of the business and design consultant of Partners for Innovation me and my colleagues can help companies with:
· Strategy development of circular business models
· Developing new products and services, together with clients
· Technical and Economical feasibility
· Project management: stakeholder partnerships, financial support,
reporting, etc.

Klimaatverbond – Association for ambitious climate municipalities

I have been working closely with the Klimaatverbond on several energy related projects. My main interest lies with realizing substantial more renewable energy, to ensure we can realize goals of the decentralized and national Dutch governments. Energy saving is another focus point, for which I performed market research and project management for several projects.


Completed projects:

  • Masterclasses energy transition for new aldermen
  • Solar panels for citizens on water board terrain
  • Zonatlas for several large Dutch municipalities
  • Action Research Energy Neutral Schools
  • Sustainable Light
  • Houd de warmte binnen

Sustainable Light for SMEs

For the third year in row I am project manager of a project helping municipalities with motivating their small and medium sized companies to choose for sustainable light. The goal is to obtain energy savings of up to 70% by replacing and fine-tuning artificial light in office buildings, stores and other business buildings.

The first two years the project took place in Deventer and this year Enschede, Den Bosch, Tiel and Alkmaar. Together with the Klimaatverbond we will bundle all experiences and will produce a concise hand-out for (Dutch) municipalities to start their own project or integrate sustainable light in existing outreach to SMEs.

Key points for SMEs wishing to switch to sustainable light:

  • Choose energy efficient lamps;
  • Effectively place and aim lamp holders, preferable let a reliable professional light designer look at your needs and make a building & function specific energy-savings plan;
  • Incorporate sensors in your light plan (for example for day light, movement);
  • Choose a reliable lamp vendor that lives up to its claims for: lumen, effective life span, light colour and energy efficiency.

This project has been executed by Klimaatverbond and  Partners for Innovation.

Keep the heat inside!

The Klimaatverbond, an association of 150 municipalities in The Netherlands, has started a campaign on keeping the heat inside shops. With other words, they encourage shops to start using a climate friendly door policy.

I have prepared the aid for municipalities that helps them set up a campaign in their own city, for shops to make a profit out of keeping a climate friendly door policy. Especially in winter a lot of energy is wasted on heating shops that have their doors open. This is very demotivating for households who are urged to save as much energy as possible. The aid for municipalities will help the city set up a project to help their shop owners understand the profit of a climate friendly door policy and will help cities reach their climate goals.

See the website www.houddewarmtebinnen.nl for more information (in Dutch). There is also a campaign in Great Britain, their website is: www.closethedoor.org.uk

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